At Artisanat we are looking to translate your creativity into exquisite embroidery creations with the help of our skilled artisansWe envision Artisanat to be a couture atelier and the confluence of the most creative minds in the fashion world.

am fortunate to have served the global high-fashion industry for over two decadesAs I reflect on my journey, I cannot begin to measure the contributions of our incredibly talented embroiderers. This community is the backbone of this industry, yet they are the most marginalized lot - leading their lives in dimly lit, poorly ventilated spaces, while weaving magic with their brilliant craftsmanship. The COVID-19 pandemic has really crushed the spirits of this community and left them hopeless.

I want to change this - by providing fair wages, dignity of labour, recognition, health and safetyand pension plans. Artisanat is my way of giving back. 

I ask for your support. Give Artisanat the opportunity to work with you. Together we can make difference!

On our end, we promise unparalleled creativity,highest quality in the industryflawless execution and 24-hour support.